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Seven Peaks

Seven Peaks is a festival based in the mountains per Dierks Bentley's request. Dierks, owner of 7-Peaks, loves the outdoors and felt urged to support RMYP for the future of conservation. This is their first year supporting RMYP, but they are helping us tremendously. They are holding a festival in Villa Grove, CO, and for every one ticket that is sold they will donate a dollar to RMYP.

Kiana Creek

Kiana Creek Ranch is a 1,400 acre family owned and operated grass fed and finished beef ranch in Sedalia, Colorado. With a focus of long-term health and sustainability of the land, Kiana Creek Ranch aims to preserve and improve the environment for generations to come.

Kiana Creek also has a farm located in Moffat, Colorado. This is where all the hunting and lodging is located. Kiana Creek generously donated to house we call the call The Chelsea, along with the land to successfully hunt these animals.


APF is a Modern Sporting Rifle company based out of Alexandria, Minnesota. They make AR platforms in a variety of hunting calibers. The President of APF, Garrett Streitz is a big supporter of the Rocky Mountain youth project and has a lot of passion for our mission. 

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Tank Blinds

Tank Blinds is a hunting blind manufacturer based out of Weatherford, Texas that produces the best hunting blinds on the market. Aaron Gilbreath is the owner of Tank Blinds and is a big supporter of the RMYP. 

The High Road Group

The High Road Group produces a variety of outdoor TV shows including The High Road with Keith Warren and Dream Makers with Johnny Piazza. Outdoor Icon Keith Warren is the President of The High Road Group and has spent his 30 year long career as an influencer for the outdoor industry. Keith and Johnny have done several shows with the RMYP and have a lot of passion for our mission. 

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